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      Big 5 in Dubai

      2016-11-24  来自: 漳州金安机电有限公司 浏览次数:1578

      Big 5 International Building & Construction Show

         To let more people know our company and our products,we attend the the Big 5 International Building & Construction Show 2016.As you all know, this show is enjoy a very good reputation in Middle East.Our company Zhangzhou JinAn Electric & Machine Co.,Ltd.located in Hall SHEIKH SAEED,Booth No.Ar H250, the exhibition last for 4 days from Nov.21 to 24,people from all over the world come and participate in this big event.Our company also be selected to attend the Promotion of Chinese Building & Construction Companies with Own Brand and make a speech there,our logo was been printed in local magazine to make a promotion for our motors.


      漳州金安机电有限公司,专营 防盗卷门机系列 防火卷帘门机系列 交直流卷门机系列 挡烟垂壁管状电机 配件 等业务,有意向的客户请咨询我们,联系电话:0596-2112978

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